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The Truth Stick

Peter Horrobin

ISBN: 9780954638016 [148 pages]
A Parable for Adults & Children.
In The Truth Stick you will soon be caught up in the life-changing adventures of Ratty and Mole, as they look for answers to Ratty’s big question. Their quest takes them to Sebastian’s stable to hear the dying words of their lovable shire horse friend.
From there they set out on the greatest adventure of their lives as, with Brock’s help, they begin to discover the secrets that lie hidden in Wild Winters Wood!
The Truth Stick was originally written for Peter’s grandchildren and their cousins - to provide them with answers to some of life’s most important questions. But it’s a parable that can also be enjoyed by adults as they join Ratty and his friends in their search for truth! This hardback book makes a perfect gift.

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