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The God Life

Letters of the Apostle Paul as personalised by Jim Graham

Jim Graham

ISBN: 9781852407445 [256 pages]

This powerfully inspired version of most of Paul’s letters, reveals the heart of God for His people in the most extraordinary of ways. Jim Graham gets right to the core of the Apostle Paul’s writings, opens our eyes to see afresh God’s intentions for Christian living and challenges us to live our lives accordingly. Variously described by pre-publication reviewers as a “superb interpretation”, a “brilliant paraphrase”, a “spiritual treasure” and a ”remarkable book by an extraordinary man of God”, this could be the most important book Sovereign World has ever published. Destined to be an essential classic.

"Jim has unveiled something of the passion, love and determination of Paul for those he wrote to and in so doing he has brought the text to life. I was caught up in the sheer power of the word of God." Malcolm Duncan

"Brings the Scriptures to life in a manner that deeply impacts the reader. It will be one of my personal study and teaching resources." Alistair Petrie

"This book absolutely blew my mind! It is so powerful. I can't wait to buy it and make sure everyone I know reads it!" Becky Crawford

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About The Author

About The Author

Rev Jim Graham was ordained in Scotland in 1956. But it was in England that he became very well known as the Pastor of Gold Hill Baptist Church. After serving the church for 27 years as its Pastor, he remained on the staff team as God expanded his wider national and international ministry, especially in Korea. In the UK he was President of British Youth for Christ for ten years and was a deeply appreciated speaker at major Christian festivals and conferences such as Spring Harvest and Keswick.

Book Review

Book Review

"Just finished the first 5 chapters of Romans in The God Life and I'm so thankful for this rendering of Paul's letter. I hope and pray this book does very well in the US and I'll certainly tell my friends about it. What a legacy for Jim Graham."
Shannon Adams

"As I read this brilliant paraphrase of the Pauline Epistles, I knew in my heart that God would use this great book to take people deeper into God's Holy Word." George Verwer, Founder of Operation Mobilisation

"Every page draws me in as if I were a privileged eavesdropper, thumbing through the devotional diary of a humble, passionate lover of God. The God-Life is nothing short of a spiritual treasure!" George Otis, Jr

"This is Jim Graham’s final gift to the body of Christ. It is a fitting climax to his unique ministry. Those who have known Jim will value even more this superb interpretation." David Pawson

"A remarkable book by an extraordinary man of God - whatever you have on your reading list don’t miss this!" Jill Southern-Jones

"Could become “one of the best things” that you have read in a long, long time for your “own personal growth and development.” How I pray that this will be so, and that ‘The God-Life’ becomes a ‘God-send’." Stuart McAlpine

"When I read the text of The God-Life, I realized I was not only reading a manuscript of outstanding significance and quality, but it was as if I was standing on holy ground!" Peter Horrobin

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