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The Foundations of Christian Living

A Practical Guide to Christian Growth

Bob Gordon

ISBN: 9781852404796 [276 pages]

The Foundations of Christian Living is an important resource book written especially for all who want to become mature and fruitful disciples of Christ Jesus. It provides a systematic and practical study of the fundamental principles of discipleship, which, if followed through and applied to life, will stimulate growth in the Christian life.

The book is in 50 sections, each containing Key Scriptures, Teaching, Questions and Practical Application.

This book has been designed for use by both individuals in their private study and for groups in weekly study. The book aims to help a wide range of Christians from new believers, who need to be grounded in the realities of committed Christian living, through to group or church leaders, who can use it as a resource book or as a group study manual.

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About The Author

About The Author

Dr. Bob Gordon, who died in 1997, was an internationally respected Bible teacher and evangelist who led the work of Kerygma International Christian Ministries based in the UK. After graduating from Manchester University he became a Chaplain of Durham University and later lecturer in Old Testament Studies at London Bible College. Dr. Gordon is the author of a number of strategic books which have been translated in to many languages and distributed worldwide.

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