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The Choice

Serving Heaven or Serving Hell

Andy Robinson

ISBN: 9781852407117 [144 pages]

Rejecting his family and Christian upbringing, Andy Robinson wanted everything life had to offer to satisfy his every pleasure. God seemed so limiting. His family held him back. The devil offered so much. He made a choice, and made a deal with the devil, rejecting God. Life was on the up. He wanted drink, drugs, women and the freedom to do whatever he wanted. Every indulgence was satisfied. Andy’s world was a model for youthful pleasure and his freedom to choose. Until one day his world came crashing down around him. With broken relationships, Andy found himself homeless, desperate and living in fear on the streets. He was out of control and in a downward spiral of destruction. Prison became his only safe place, and when out, was at the mercy of the dark and terrifying world he unwittingly made a pact with. Despite the rebellion, God still had hold of Andy.

This story traces the series of disastrous decisions Andy made that almost destroyed his life. It also reveals the extraordinary love of God to rescue those who are utterly lost. If your life seems out of control, this book offers you the same hope that transformed Andy’s life.

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Book Review

Book Review

"This is a gripping story of the restoration that God offers to broken people. All parents who despair over their child's rejection of God should read this and be encouraged to keep on praying."

– Nick Pollard, Co-founder of Damaris Trust

“Read this book if you are someone in the depths of darkness, wondering if there is anyone who has been there like you, addicted, lonely, destitute and yet has managed to find a genuinely better future.”

– David Oliver, author

“Dramatic is an understatement! Any who doubt the power of God to transform people should read this book.”

– Derek Tidball, Author and International Speaker

“Andrew has not simply lived ‘happily ever after.’ …This story is so important to tell because it is true to what the Christian life is also about.”

– Dr Steve Brady, Principal, Moorlands College

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