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Miracles in the midst of war

A Faith Adventure

ISBN: 9781852408329 [352 pages]
A gripping, inspiring, true story of God at work in Russia and war-torn Chechnya in the 1990s.

Paula O’Keefe, a petite, slender, British girl, fresh out of university, sets off alone, into the unknown, to obey the call of God. Unwittingly she steps into a major revival sweeping the former Soviet Union. After seventy long years of oppression, communism has finally fallen and doors to preaching the gospel have swung wide open. Thousands are turning to Christ.

Then God leads Paula to a region devastated by war. You will discover that right in the midst of great pain and suffering, Jesus is working miracle after miracle, time and again rescuing Paula and friends from danger, providing for orphans, widows and refugees, and healing those broken in body, mind and spirit. Along the way God restores Paula herself from childhood abuse and trauma.

This compelling story of an ordinary young woman serving a miracle-working God
will inspire you to believe God for the impossible in your own life. You will find that no situation is beyond His help – that He can turn everything around for you too.

You will be encouraged that God can use anyone with a willing heart to change the world. And as you take steps to reach out to others in their desperation, letting Jesus’ love flow through you, your life and theirs will never be the same.

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About The Author

About The Author

Paula O’Keefe is the founder and international director of Living Waters Healing Communities. Born in Seattle, USA, to an Irish-American father and a Brazilian-British mother she grew up in England, meeting the Lord at a young age. In the early 1990s, as a recent graduate in Psychology and Russian and a newly qualified teacher, Paula moved to Russia.

Twenty years flew by as she ministered in Southwestern Russia and war-torn Chechnya. She custom-built and set up a Trauma Counselling Centre which later blossomed into a healing community. She brought up four homeless children, who now call her ‘Mum,’ and along the way, God restored Paula from childhood abuse and trauma.

Paula has ministered in over twenty countries, taking Russian teams to share the gospel amongst canni-bals in Mozambique, in remote villages in the Himalayas, and to counsel orphans and war victims in Sri Lanka.

Together with her mum, she is now doing missions from her base in Spain. In her free time she enjoys hiking, swimming and biking, whipping up nourishing meals, making a joyful noise to the Lord on her in-struments and WhatsApp’ing friends and family all over the world.

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