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Loved Like Never Before

Discovering the Father Heart of God

Ken Symington

ISBN: 9781852405854 [160 pages]

It is easy to know God’s love in the mind, but for many it is difficult to believe it in the heart. This book is for those who want to feel the real love of God but can't.

The author identifies the fundamental issues that stop a person from receiving and experiencing the love of God in all its fullness. Having ministered for over a decade at a deep level in people’s lives, Ken shows how we can distort our image of Father God through our own false perceptions of Him. He passionately reaches out to those who have a broken father image and sets about to repair it.

With a warm and conversational style the author powerfully demonstrates every individual’s value to Father God and leaves the reader in no doubt just how loved and wanted we are.

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About The Author

About The Author

Ken Symington, born in 1947, is from Northern Ireland. Although raised in a Christian home, he did not commit his life to Jesus until 1989, at the age of forty-two. In 1994, at the height of a successful business career in advertising, he heard the call of God and left the business world to follow Jesus, wherever that might lead.

He founded Christian Restoration in Ireland, a ministry involved in prayer ministry, teaching, and discipleship training. He has been an associate teacher with Ellel Ministries International for more than a decade.

Ken has been married to Linda for more than thirty years, and they have three sons and one daughter. He is a keen landscape photographer.

Book Review

Book Review Review:

Loved Like Never Before is a book which brings the Father Heart of God to the reader in a new and refreshing way. I have read books on this subject before and been to conferences on the subject, so as someone who has heard of the Father Heart of God it was interesting to read from Ken Symington’s point of view. I was deeply impacted by his book, by his openness and sincerity throughout his writing, of his own journey with God the Father, his own longings and struggles. From the moment I started reading the book I found it difficult to put down and was challenged many times as well as comforted. By the end of the book the way I approached God before totally changed and now I feel more at peace with myself and with my relationship with God.

I believe this book will reach many hearts that are longing for a father relationship that is different from their earthly one, and I also feel this is a book I would highly recommend for new Christians as well as those who’ve been walking in a relationship with God for a long time.

All around the world this simple teaching is transforming lives . . .


On the shelves of Christian bookstores today I see a growing number of books exploring the subject of the Father heart of God. This is a good thing, as it seems to me it is a truth which the church has somewhat neglected, yet so desperately needs to hear and receive. Ken Symington has been teaching about God as Father for many years, and I have experienced firsthand – both in my own life and observing the lives of the people who come to the “Father Heart of God” weekend courses which Ken runs – radical transformation at the core of a person’s being. Through Ken’s clear Biblical insight, and his own powerful testimony, we get to know the Dad we always yearned for, and to be opened to all the possibilities that can be ours when we catch the truth that we are His precious sons and daughters.

Rev. Paul Watson, Regional Director, Ellel Ministries Australia


The understanding that Almighty God is our Daddy – which Ken Symington so vividly portrays in this book – powerfully impacts the lives of so many in this fatherless generation. There has never been a time when this truth was more urgently needed than it is now. I have seen this teaching totally transform many lives and this book can do the same for you!

Jill Southern, Director, Ellel Pierrepont, England


We have been mightily blessed through Ken’s “Father Heart of God” teaching into a fatherless society. German society is still struggling from the consequences of the last war when the nation was infiltrated by false fatherhood, when many people lost fathers, and when those fathers who did survive came back with very damaged and suppressed emotions. Even after three generations this message is still very vital. Many men are still closed up emotionally and need much releasing. They need to hear God’s truth on fatherhood. For many the message is a real eye-opener and a step into a new depth of relationship with God as their Father, and into a new dimension of being fathers themselves. The truth about real fatherhood and son-ship has the potential to move mountains, and many have responded very readily to the invitations and the challenges. There is a determination when the hunger for the real thing is awakened. A very timely and vital message for the German people.

Andreas Hefti, Director, Ellel Germany


I’m certain that this book will touch many hearts. For me personally, it was life-transforming. In this fatherless age there is a desperate cry for God the Father’s love. A father’s love and tender care is something we were supposed to get, but too often we did not receive it.

Tamas Kovacs, Director, Ellel Ministries Hungary

Ireland (Northern)

One of the most powerful truths that every child of God needs to experience – and not just intellectually – is that God is love.

We learn to love because God is love, and we cannot love out to others until we have received His love into ourselves. The power of this truth is foundational to everything we think and believe as children of God.

As a pastor of a twenty-first-century church, I have experienced how Ken Symington’s teaching on the Father heart of God has caused many rejected and hurting people to flourish and blossom as they discover for themselves that their deepest need and the cry of their hearts is met and fulfilled in Abba Father, our awesome Daddy God. I wholeheartedly recommend this book as a foundational truth, leading to completeness in Christ.

Jeff Wright, Senior Pastor, Green Pastures, Ballymena, Northern Ireland

Ireland (Southern)

I have been working with the drug- and alcohol-addicted for many years. When I had a life-changing encounter on Ken’s “Father Heart of God” weekend, I knew that I had to use this as a way of reaching the broken and the addicted. Drug addicts and alcoholics, 99% of the time, have had no real fathering, so when they discover that God is and wants to be their Dad it does something to their hearts. They slowly learn to love and trust again. Ken Symington has become like a spiritual father to us here and I know this book will be powerful, as he is anointed to impart this truth to others.

Philip Richardson, Lifeline Recovery, Ireland


I have had the privilege of translating a few times for Ken Symington when he has given his course “The Father Heart of God” in Sweden. Standing with the speaker on the podium gives you a vantage point to observe the reactions of those attending. It has always been a joy to see how people have received what Ken has given them. To many it has very obviously been a revelation of something they have never heard of before; others have begun to grasp more fully what to them has seemed too good to be true – that their Heavenly Father is altogether good, in all He does, and not just a copy of the imperfect fathers most of us have grown up with. As Ken has been teaching, with humor and easy-to-understand examples, I have seen faces change from disbelief to surprise to hope. And when at the end of the course the call has been given to seek a place at the front of the hall, and just sit there to be with the Father, there has always been a quiet walk up front, and in quietness many of God’s children have discovered what they never had known: They have a Father who is worth knowing for what He really is. They have sat there, sometimes for hours, just enjoying Him, just like children on their father’s lap. For many, that has been the beginning of an entirely new understanding of, and a new walk with, their Father God.

As this teaching now comes in the form of a book, may it reach many more, to bring hope, healing, and restoration to those who have suffered from a distorted picture of what a father is, and have never been able to know and enjoy the blessing of a full relationship with their Heavenly Father!

Goran Andersson, Director, Ellel Sweden

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