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Letting God Be Judge

Recognizing the Impact of Ungodly Judgements and Dealing with Them

Thomas J. Sappington

ISBN: 9781852404581 [153 pages]

The impact of ungodly judgements can be extremely damaging and far reaching in their effect. This unique book covers a subject rarely written about and yet it is so important that the Bible speaks extensively about it.  

There is little that is more offensive and divisive than a person with a judgemental spirit. The Bible’s teaching on ungodly judgements is desperately needed for the health and growth of the Church. One critical step in the process of moving toward freedom and maturity in Christ is repenting of the ungodly judgements we have made against God, ourselves, and others, and breaking their power in our lives. The simple fact is that judging others is incompatible with foundational principles in Jesus’ teaching and the teaching of His disciples.

This book will help:

  • Those who want to restore relationships that have been damaged by the effects of judgements;

  • Determine when we’re using proper discernment in our relationships with others, and when we’re sitting in judgement on them;

  • Believers who want to be able to believe in absolute truth and take a stand on a particular issue, but do so in a way that does not “judge” others in a negative sense;

  • Counsellors and pastors who need to deal with the judgement their counselees have made in the past and continue to make. Discover for instance how seeds of a judgement can be sown in a child’s life;

  • Leaders involved in mentoring who want to avoid division made through judgements;

  • Recognise the fruits of ungodly judgements.

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About The Author

About The Author

Tom Sappington graduated from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL and holds a Th.D. in New Testament from Wycliffe College, University of Toronto. He has served as a missionary with OC International in Indonesia since 1993. He teaches New Testament and Spiritual Conflict at various branches of the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Indonesia, and has founded Ambassadors of Renewal,a ministry that focuses on training Indonesian believers and Christian leaders in the areas of inner healing and spiritual conflict. He is also an adjunct professor at Biola Univeristy and Talbot Theological Seminary in La Mirada, CA. He has been married since 1979 and has three children.

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