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Right Relationships

How to Create Them, How to Restore Them

Tom Marshall

ISBN: 9781852407377 [160 pages]

Relationships Matter! They are at the heart of all good and bad human experiences. First, our relationship with God needs to be in order. For then it is possible to apply godly principals to the establishment of right relationships with others and the restoration of relationships that have gone wrong. 

This life giving book will show you how this can become real for you. It not only addresses the nature of relationships and the factors which make them work but also provides dynamic and well tried solutions for those that have gone wrong. The scriptural truths in this book are eternal keys to us fulfilling our human destiny.

Right Relationships has been universally acclaimed as one of the best treatments of this subject and has become a standard textbook on relationships worldwide.

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About The Author

About The Author

TOM MARSHALL, a New Zealand, travelled extensively as a Bible teacher. In addition to be an author he was in great demand as a speaker at Bible Conventions, Conferences and Business Seminars. He died in 1993 but his ministry lives on through his books and the media.

Readers Comments

Truth, Insight, Deep Review by Nancy
An amazing book, full of truth and insight. Not to be taken as a quick read as there is so much to process. A deep book. (Posted on 07/10/2016)
Excellent booReview by david b brown
Excellent book based on biblical teaching about relationships. A hard read but well worth it.I refer to it often. Also use as a reference book. (Posted on 07/10/2016)
This is a show stopper, a eye opener. Review by Unknown
This is a show stopper, a eye opener.
Awesome revelation...made me think again ! A must read for anyone who wants a real relationship. I recommend this book. (Posted on 07/10/2016)
My favoured book on relationships Review by Werner
Timely delivery; it's one of the very best books on relationships, very sensitive and practical and applies to all relationships, marriage, friendships at the workplace etc. (Posted on 07/10/2016)
ExcellentReview by Ray

Excellent (Posted on 07/10/2016)
This really is an outstanding bookReview by Jerry M
This really is an outstanding book. While it addresses all kinds of relationships, I think it is one of the best books available for improving the marriage relationship.

Every relationship, Marshall says, has four elements: love, respect, trust, and understanding. He examines how to build strong relationships, how relationships break down, and how relationships can be restored.

This book makes practical many passages from the Christian scriptures, but avoids being "preachy." Marshall is little known in America because he lived and worked in Australia. (Posted on 07/10/2016)
An outstanding bookReview by Lizard
An outstanding book - one that I'd read many years ago and wanted to get a copy of again. (Posted on 07/10/2016)
Excellent, insightful bookReview by suzanne v moody
Tom Marshall sensitively deals with the many challenges of relationships, and ably shows that there is always room for improvement, as well as indicating the route to take. Well-written, insightful book that will help anyone who reads it. (Posted on 07/10/2016)

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