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Healing the Human Spirit

Ruth Hawkey

ISBN: 9781852408763 [160 pages]

Why do I not feel the Father’s love?

Why do I feel so heavy and joyless?

What is wrong with me that I don’t want to live?

I feel so stressed and anxious, why does my faith not help me?

In this book Ruth seeks to bring understanding and insight into what the human spirit is and how it functions. She seeks to answer questions such as: How can a human spirit be damaged? How could that affect us? And how can it be healed and restored? Does the condition of the human spirit affect the soul and the body, either for good or ill? Does the condition of the human spirit affect my relationship with God? Is my physical wellbeing dependent, to some extent, on the health of my spirit?

This revised, combined and updated version of Healing the human spirit and Deeper healing for the human spirit seeks to explore these and other relevant questions in the light of scripture and suggests ways of praying into and nurturing the human spirit in order for the Lord to bring healing to the whole person.

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About The Author

About The Author

Ruth was raised in the North East of England and trained as a primary school teacher taking her degree at Durham University. Along with her husband Joe, she has worked in the healing ministry for many years, both teaching and ministering into the lives of many hundreds of people. They were Directors of Ellel Ministries Centres in England and Canada for several years where they raised a number of prayer ministry teams.

Ruth is the author of several books on pastoral care: Healing the Human Spirit, Healing Emotional Wounds, Understanding Generational Blessings and sin, Praying Healing for Children and Pastoral Prayer Ministry Teams in the Local Church.

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