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Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to register first before making a purchase?

No. Do not register before making a purchase. If you are a first time visitor then simply add the products to the shopping cart and check out. The website will then take you through an automated registration and payment process.

When returning as a customer, then you need to login with the same details as you entered on your first visit. If for any reason you cannot recover your login details, contact us directly and we will reset it for you.

The Captcha letters are not displayed and I cannot register my details.

This is easily resolved. When you first click on check out you will receive a message similar to the following:

This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonesecure items?

It is important to click “yes.”

There is no need to be concerned for security. The details you enter on the webpage are secured to industry standard. The message displays because of the captcha image. If you click “no”, you will not be able to see the Captcha.

What do to now? Just go back to your shopping cart, click "checkout" and when the pop up notification asks you about nonsecure items, just click “yes” and it should work fine.

Apologies for this slight inconvenience, but the use of Captcha avoids remote bogus registrations.

I am finding it difficult to navigate the website - can you help?

Our website is actually very easy to navigate when you know how! There are lots of ways to find what you need.

METHOD 1: Graphic links.
On the front page especially are links to our books through the advertising images. Click them to view information about that book.

METHOD 2: Left column navigation menu.
On the left side there is a list of categories within which you can search our books. Ones with a small + symbol inside a grey circle can be clicked, which reveals a hidden list of sub categories to help you find the topics of books you want.
For instance, if you click on the + symbol next to "All titles", you will see a long list of sub categories appear! You can try it now, on the left.
If you click "All Titles" on the left it will open up all the titles in our website, and at the bottom of each page you can navigate to the next page. Books are listed in alphabetical order.

METHOD 3: Alphabet search.
If you click "All Titles" on the left column, all titles will display. You will also notice that just above the books there is an "alphabet bar". Clicking on a letter will display all books starting with that letter, which is a really easy way to find the book you are looking for!
The alphabet search bar is featured on other pages too.

METHOD 4: Search box.
Top left there is a search box. Just type in the title or keyword you are interested in, no need to click anything or press enter - just wait a moment, and a list of search results will appear. Click "view all results" to find more search results.
There is also an advanced search link if required.

METHOD 5: Top menu.
For information about Sovereign World and our services, you can use the top menu, featured at the very top alongside our logo, in the black area. Hover your mouse over these menu items and submenus will appear in a drop down list.

How can I change my password to something easier to remember?

To change your password you can do the following:

Login using your existing details (copy and paste password if that is easier)

Click "logout" and a box appears

Click account maintenance in this box

Look down webpage and click "account information"

Under customer information you can change your password. Also, repeat the password in the confirm email box.

Copy the captcha letters in the field provided (all this does is stop automated spam submissions)

Click "save"

> You can now log in using your own password in the future.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password/username details?

To retrieve your existing password or username, please follow this procedure:

Click “Login” on top right of homepage

Click on popup box either "lost password?" or "forgot your username?"

Enter email address on the page that come up and click "submit"

A new page opens called "Confirm your Account". LEAVE THIS PAGE OPEN ON YOUR WEB BROWSER.

Check your email. An email will have been sent from Sovereign World Ltd. In the email is a "token" - highlight and copy it carefully (Ctrl + C).

DO NOT click the link as instructed in the email (there appears to be a bug).

Go back to the page you should have left open in step 4 in your web browser (called "Confirm your Account")

Paste the "token" into the field provided (Ctrl + v)

Enter the new password and it is done.

You should receive a confirmation that your have successfully changed your details on the webpage and be ok to login in under the new details. Any further problems, we can change it from our end.

How can I become a sales agent or affiliate of Sovereign World?

Please see our dedicated FAQ section on becoming a Sovereign World affiliate by clicking here.

How can I add a book review?

Adding a review is an excellent way to help support the author and the book and we encourage it. To add a review is easy. Make sure you log on to the website from the homepage using the details you provided when you first bought something on this website. Otherwise, please register by clicking "log in" on the top right of the homepage. If you have lost your password or username, see the above FAQ's. Once you are logged in just go to the details page of any book. Scroll down to the bottom of the details page and you will see an option to give a star rating and add your review.

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