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God's Way out of Depression

David Cross

ISBN: 9781852408091 [160 pages]

The Bible shows us that God has an answer to depression, which is today’s most common human disorder in terms of the number of people affected worldwide. Through the healing ministry of Jesus, it’s possible to explore the roots of this debilitating disease and then to travel with Him on a journey of freedom. Thankfully, the medical profession is gaining increasing understanding in how to alleviate the symptoms of depression, but only God can bring restoration to the deep spiritual dysfunction in our lives which frequently lies at the heart of medical disorders.

This book incorporates testimonies from twelve people, with very different life stories, describing their miraculous healing journey out of major depression, and we see that their experiences affirm the keys given to us in the Bible for pursuing God’s restoration of His created order in our lives. This book does not advocate a technique for healing but seeks to point the reader towards powerful biblical principles which can open the door to God’s way out of depression.

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About The Author

About The Author

David Cross is a member of the International Executive of Ellel Ministries. He graduated from Nottingham University in 1969 and qualified as a chartered civil engineer, leading to a varied working career, which included building roads and bridges in the Highlands of Scotland and, in the early 1980’s, overseeing the construction of new town development in the New Territories area of Hong Kong. It was here that a huge personal change of direction occurred when he gave his life to Jesus.

Returning to Scotland, David became very active in church life and in leading ski tours in the Cairngorm Mountains. In order to further the Christian healing ministry in the Highlands, as an elder in the Church of Scotland, he and others in the local church made contact with Ellel Ministries in 1991, and two years later David and his wife Denise joined the Ministry at the international headquarters of Ellel Grange, near Lancaster.

David and Denise have three children and eight grandchildren, all giving much joy in the midst of very busy lives. Besides the thrill of sharing God’s truth through teaching and writing, David loves walking and photography. His authoritative explanation of God’s word has brought understanding and healing to many who have been confused and damaged by the ungodly ideologies of today’s world.

David has written eight books: Soul-Ties, The Unseen Bond in Relationships; God’s Covering, A Place of Healing; Trapped by Control, How to Find Freedom; The Dangers of Alternative Ways of Healing, How to Avoid New Age Deceptions (with John Berry); A-Z Guide to the Healing Ministry; What’s Wrong with Human Rights? Uncovering a False Religion; Tweet-sized thoughts about God-sized issues and God’s Way out of Depression.

Book Review

Book Review

As a Christian Psychiatrist, this is one of the best books ever on Depression! It is balanced, complete and not superficial. You have provided a reference for Christian health workers, carers and patients that have been diagnosed or are suffering from depression. It is easy to read and understand, even for someone who doesn’t have a clue about medicine. Your examples are well chosen, and I love the way you introduce the persons sharing their story as "our friend". One of my favourite chapters is the one on "Crossroads". I am really impressed! May God bless you and keep His hand over the process of distributing this pearl of a book!
Beatriz Benestad

This book is amazing. It’s so hard to stop reading it and I just can’t wait for it to be in print. You have done a great job of sourcing the different ways in which people can be affected. And you have brought the healing power of Jesus Christ into it, in a way that is clear and easy to understand. Thank you.
Iris (one of those who gives her testimony in the book)

This book is great! David writes with compassion, encouraging the reader to find a genuine hope for both themselves and their future with the Lord. I really believe that God’s heart for His people is reflected in this book as His Word, His promises and His truth are delivered alongside the encouragement to be real in facing depression, and what can be the deeper distress behind it. It is as if the Lord’s light is shining into the darkness. I would encourage anyone to read it. David includes practical advice not only for those who suffer with depression, but also for those who come alongside them. This is done while, at the same time revealing more of God’s heart for His children through testimonies, scriptures, and gentle yet clear teaching. B Earl

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