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God is Still Speaking

Brian Mills

ISBN: 9781852405106 [240 pages]

Sparking a Strategic Prayer Revival throughout the Church

This is a vibrant invitation to the Body of Christ to re-embrace the significance of prayer in the life of the individual and the church, to dramatically impact our communities and nations.
God is still speaking today, and stories in this book powerfully demonstrate how. The author examines how God initiated the many prayer projects he was privileged to be part of. Questions such as, ‘how does God direct and speak to make things happen’ are answered. As the world falls apart, God wants to direct us in prayerful action, and is waiting for us to act. Out of a precious lifetime’s experience of leading prayer movements, the author enthusiastically helps us see how we can be part of an effective prayer renewal.
What makes this book so important is its guidance for not only the restoration of our private prayer life but more so for our unified prayer life with the entire Body of Christ. It is a radical call to see positive world changing events come about through strategic corporate prayer.

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About The Author

About The Author

Brian Mills was on the staff of the Evangelical Alliance of Great Britain for a total of ten years, during which he was seconded as Assistant National Director of Mission England (with Billy Graham), and launched Prayer Triplets, which have been reproduced in different countries and cultures throughout the world. He has ministered around the world in over 65 nations, focussing on prayer towards the transformation of individuals, communities and nations. He serves on the International Prayer Council and is a member of the International Reconciliation Coalition. He is the founder of Interprayer International Partnership, a fellowship of friends who are leaders of ministries and prayer in three Continents. He is regarded as the �father of the prayer movement� in the UK. He is based at Ashburnham Prayer & Conference Centre in the south of England, where the community is engaged in a ministry of continuous prayer. He is married to Ruth (a singer/song-writer), and has three grown-up sons.

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