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Eyes Closed Eyes Opened

ISBN: 9780620930055 [206 pages]

Are your eyes fully open to all the truths of God’s word and His plans and purposes for your life and that of His Church?

Drawing on over thirty years of full time Christian ministry, Derek Puffett looks afresh at the Great Commission in all its fullness, and the instruction given by Jesus to the apostle Paul to ‘open eyes so that people may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God’ (Acts 26:18). When someone becomes a believer their spiritual eyes are opened. Derek’s challenging conclusion is that, if we fail to teach and apply the full gospel in our churches or ministries, we effectively close the eyes of believers. We become a barrier to them receiving the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing Jesus has made available. It is a case of eyes closed, eyes opened, and then eyes closed, or partially closed, to God’s truth.

This book will help you identify truths which may have become blurred or are even blind spots in your life. It will give you new insights and understanding that will enable you, and your congregation, if you are a church leader, to receive healing and become effective disciples for Jesus.

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About The Author

About The Author

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1942 but raised in Port Elizabeth, Derek became a managing company director in the business world. Whilst working in Namibia he met and married Beryl. They have been married for more than fifty years and have two wonderful children and five beautiful grandchildren.
In Namibia Derek and Beryl pioneered Life Line - a non-profit secular telephone counselling service. After becoming Christians they used this experience to establish Telefriend, a Christian telephone helpline in South Africa.
Called to full time Christian work, Derek spent twelve years in pastoral ministry, with Beryl alongside, in a large church in Pretoria. They have always had a special interest in helping hurting and broken people and a desire to see them restored and equipped. When they discovered that Ellel Ministries had a similar vision and experience in this area, they sensed a strong call of God to change the direction of their lives. They hence made the huge step of leaving their church and spending two years in the UK, being equipped and receiving healing ministry for themselves.
Since their return to South Africa in 2001, they have been pioneering and establishing Ellel Ministries in Africa, including Shere House in Pretoria and centres in KwaZulu Natal, Rwanda and Kenya. All these centres offer help and training to Christians who are earnestly seeking healing and all that God has for them. Derek and Beryl understand the challenges and struggles faced by pastors and leaders. They have a heart to encourage them and see them healed and free of any bondages that would prevent them being effective in their service for the King of kings.

Book Review

Book Review

This book which Derek has written does not come from the perspective of an outsider. Derek and Beryl love Jesus and they love His Bride. They have done so as people who partner with the Holy Spirit to come alongside the Bride and to journey with her to where Father God wants her to be. I am in no doubt that this book will help you navigate the storms of Kingdom life, whilst at the same time empowering you and pointing you to the Rock, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who is the safest place of all.
-Heinrich and Nikki Titus: International Team Leaders, Shofar Christian Church

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