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Sovereign World's Short Guide to eBooks

The world of eBooks can be confusing. There are many e-Reading devices available in all shapes and sizes, and each device is limited to what type of eBook it can open and read. There are also many ways to download the eBook on to your device, and it is not always obvious how. We have tried to make it straightforward by limiting our eBook range to just three popular file formats: ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket. The chart below will tell you which popular device can read which eBook format.

If you are unsure about which eBook format to choose we suggest you read your manufacturers guidelines before purchasing an eBook for your device. As a simplified rule for those buying Sovereign World eBooks, we recommend the following methods of purchase and reading for ease of use:


Kindle owners:

Purchase eBook on Amazon store for delivery to your Kindle, or purchase within your Kindle device's Amazon browser for direct delivery from the Kindle store.


iPad/iPhone owners:

Download eBook from iBooks or Amazon directly to your device. To read Kindle eBooks you will require Amazon's Kindle app which is freely downloadable from the app store. Alternatively, download Apple's own iBooks app from within the app store, and download your favourite eBook from the iBooks store. For free eBooks download ePub format for reading on iBooks or other free third party eBook reader apps such as Stanza or Bluefire.


Android owners:

You can read Kindle eBooks on your Android device. To read Kindle eBooks you will require Amazon's Kindle app. See Amazon for more details. You can also download the ePub file from Firsty Fish, and open it on your device using an app such as Aldiko (


Sony Reader, Nook and other dedicated E-Reading devices:

Use the table below to see which types of eBooks are compatible with your device. In most instances you can open the ePub format. These are available through Firsty Fish. We plan to roll out ePub files to other vendors in the future. There are also devices in this range that can open Mobipocket eBooks.


Blackberry Readers:

You can download either the Mobipocket eReader for our Mobipocket version eBooks, or you can use Kindle's own app for Kindle eBooks.


Mac/PC readers:

Download the free Adobe Digital Editions software and purchase the ePub format.


E-Reader eBook Compatibility

You can view a pdf of the E-Reader Compatiblity