Strands of Destiny

Peter Horrobin shares the exciting story behind his latest book

Strands of Destiny from Paul Stanier on Vimeo.

There are many strands that make up a rope. And there are many strands that have contributed to the work of Ellel Ministries and created a rope that has now stretched round the world. In many ways that’s what Ellel Ministries is all about – holding out a rope of safety for the hurting and desperate to get hold of.

In Strands of Destiny, I’ve also tried to illustrate how God brought together many different strands of life’s experiences and wove them into an extraordinary tapestry – a tapestry which demonstrates to a very hurting world that God loves, cares and heals.

We also have personal ‘strands of destiny’ which stretch back down our generation lines. It was only after my mother’s death, that I realised how important these were for me. For, I read the ‘love letters’ exchanged by my parents in the months before their marriage, and discovered that even then they were praying for their children, yet to be conceived!

I was overwhelmed with thanksgiving. And I knew, then, that one day I would have to write up the story as a testimony to God’s grace and mercy in my own life, and of how God has fulfilled His purposes, often miraculously, through the developing work of Ellel Ministries. The result is the book Strands of Destiny.

The first eight chapters tell of the years of personal preparation, learning about life and how to depend on the Lord in every circumstance. God taught me some profound lessons which were essential training for the founding and growth of the work of Ellel Ministries. They also tell of how God used my passion for old cars as a ‘strand of destiny’, to impact me with His vision for healing and restoration. The next twenty chapters tell how God has taken that vision and fulfilled it beyond my wildest dreams.

Only God could have used the remains of a crashed car to illustrate the work He wanted to do in the restoration of crashed and broken lives. Only God could have led us to purchase such a huge place as Ellel Grange for what I thought would be a small healing ministry for the North West of England! Only God could have taken that embryonic work and launched a ministry that would impact the nations through the lives which He transformed!

In each chapter I have sought to illustrate how God prepared the way for each step of the journey, with a chain of supernatural events that only He could have done. How He set apart a piece of land in Hungary in the nineteen twenties that would see its destiny fulfilled in the nineteen nineties. How he led us in Scotland through a series of amazing God-inspired episodes. How He healed the broken back of a young nurse and launched the work of Ellel Ministries in Australia.

Every chapter of the book is my personal testimony of thanksgiving for the amazing love and provision of God who leads us “in Christ Jesus to do good works, which he prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10). And there remains a lot to do. The light of vision draws us onwards and upwards to keep on doing the works of the King until He comes again.

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Strands of Destiny. Published by Sovereign World at £14.99. 416 pages of text plus 225 pictures on 48 pages of illustrations. Available from Ellel Ministries ( 6 December 2017.