Hope for those suffering mental illness

Mental health issues are increasingly recognised and more support is made available.  We recently received the following testimonial on the book Pills for the Soul. I would simply like to share it and let it speak for itself.

"Testimonial on book “Pills for the soul?” by Dieter K. Mulitze

A recent UN human rights office commission published Dainius Puras, professor of psychiatry, who wrote in a report on mental health “There is now unequivocal evidence of the failures of a system that relies too heavily on the biomedical model of mental health services …-New ways of thinking need to permeate the public sector, and mental health must be integrated into the whole of public policy. “  Our little understanding and drug treatment as the way to go has caused much disability in the lives of people with mental and emotional health issues.  So does the church think and act like the world, or does it think and act God’s ways in the area of mental and emotional health?  The ministry and writings of Rev Dr Dieter K. Mulitze, who is currently a director of Deeper Love Ministries since 1998, has sounded the trumpet a decade ago to stir the church to return to the One who alone has the words of eternal life.  He authors a book entitled “Pills for the Soul?”, published in 2008.

It is a refreshing book from a lay theologian and scientist who boldly writes from his own understanding and experiences in helping people who struggled with mental and emotional issues, many for years.  He is not anti-psychiatry but his views and positions are that the healing presence of Christ is far superior than any drug or “fixing brains rather than healing souls” ways.  Unfortunately the church at large has gone the ways of the world and backs up the current system unwittingly.  Over the years, my experience with people as a friend or nurse supervisor has shown me that there must be a better way.  My theological training did not prepare me adequately to help such people.  But having read Pills for the Soul? my heart just leaped with excitement that finally there are people out there in the church community who understand.

Deeper Love Ministries is dedicated to “healing prayer” to demonstrate the power of God’s Spirit in Jesus’ Name.  The book tells many stories of individuals who were healed as Jesus was invited into their lives. This understanding lifts off a burden that I must know how to say the right prayers in ministry.  It forces me to go back to Scriptures more to study the ways of Jesus.  Powerful testimonies for the church to learn and emulate.  If that is the case, people will be running to the churches for healing appointments. 

Goh Swee Eng"

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