Living Life God’s Way by Peter Horrobin

During my years of learning, and then teaching, science and technology, I came to understand that foundational laws and principles could not be ignored. For example, the laws of chemistry describe the behaviour of the elements and chemical compounds. If I did not understand and apply those principles, then every experiment I did would come to nothing.

There were boundaries of scientific truth which would determine the success or the failure of the experiments. Unless the foundations were in place and respected, there would be serious consequences – the experiment would be a failure and there could, even, be a dangerous outcome.

My parents spent many years lovingly instilling the disciplines of godly living into my life. Over the years those disciplines have provided safe boundaries within which to live.

Back in 1984 I was deeply involved in the work of Mission England. I became concerned that new Christians, who had not had the privilege of a Christian upbringing, should be helped to establish secure boundaries in their lives, so as to strengthen them in their growth as Christian disciples. A little book, Life is for Living, was the result.

Then in 1986 the work of Ellel Ministries began and for the past thirty years we have been seeking to bring hope, healing and restoration to God’s people through the ministry. But we have found exactly the same conditions prevailing in the lives of many who have come for help, as was evident in the lives of new believers. They were also in need of secure boundaries and practical training in how to be a disciple of Jesus.

So Life is for Living was completely rewritten and now the latest edition, retitled Living Life God’s Way has just been released by Sovereign World as a practical companion for the Christian life, providing secure boundaries inside which to grow strong and mature as a Christian disciple.

Healing and Discipleship are inseparable companions. For the deepest healing, living within God’s boundaries is essential. And conversely, when we choose to walk with God as a disciple, hidden healing needs often become evident. Living Life God’s Way provides the framework for living a very blessed Christian life.

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Living Life God’s Way. Published by Sovereign World at £10.99. 210 pages.

“What never seemed to make sense is suddenly crystal clear, even for the most experienced Christian. This book will be an investment in the life of the believer – I found something happened in my own life as I read it.”

- Jim Graham