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World Mission

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  • Day by Day with the Persecuted Church

    365 Daily Readings
    Features more than twenty-five spiritual leaders who have personally experienced what it means to be a Christian in an anti-Christian environment. Learn More
  • Faith That Endures

    The Essential guide to the persecuted church
    Ronald Boyd-Macmillan

    Faith that endures stands as the most comprehensive and authoritative guide on the persecuted Church today. Through true stories from the author’s many years of work, you will see how God is building His kingdom all around the world. And as you become more connected to the experiences of the persecuted, you will discover new spiritual truths that will transform your own faith and witness.

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  • Islam, Israel and the Church

    Marcel Rebiai
    How can opposing claims by Muslims, Jews and Christians to ‘the land’ be reconciled? This book sensitively and intelligently answers many of the questions Christians ask. Learn More
  • Miracles in the midst of war

    A Faith Adventure
    A gripping, inspiring, true story of God at work in Russia and war-torn Chechnya in the 1990s. This compelling story of an ordinary British young woman serving a miracle-working God will inspire you to believe God for the impossible in your own life. Learn More
  • The Ingathering of Israel

    A life called to miraculously help Jewish people return to their homeland
    Esther Lever
    Divine intervention, angelic help and God moving in power are all part of this inspiring, even courageous story of how Esther used the latter part of her life to help bring Jewish people back to Israel in fulfilment of Biblical prophecy. Throughout this book you will come to know how God can speak dramatically into any person's life and take them into places one could never imagine. Learn More
  • There Is Always Enough

    The Story of Rolland and Heidi Baker's Miraculous Ministry Among the Poor
    Rolland and Heidi Baker

    Tells the story of an adventure that began when the authors, founders of IRIS Ministries, and both natives of California, USA, answered God's call to minister to the poorest of the poor.

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  • Transformed! People - Cities - Nations

    Alistair Petrie
    If you want to see enduring transformation that spreads throughout your church, community and nation, this enlightening and engaging book will give you the tools you need. Learn More
  • When the Miracle Comes Slowly

    Beatriz Benestad's Remarkable Mission to Colombia
    Beatriz Benestad

    This is the remarkable story of a very remarkable lady! Faced with crippling rheumatoid arthritis as a child and having to have dozens of operations, Beate Benestad did not let her disability obliterate her vision - both for practising medicine and serving the Lord. Her journey of faith and amazing trust in God led to her becoming a missionary in Colombia in 2002, South America, where she now leads the Colombian work of Ellel Ministries.

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