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  • Dynamic Prayer

    David Noakes
    A time comes in every believer’s life when the journey to spiritual maturity must take place. At the centre of this process is the ongoing act of not just prayer in our daily lives, but intercessory prayer. The world is sick, both spiritually and morally; false idols abound. There is a desperate need for Christians to learn, through holiness and repentance, how to align their prayers with the will of God to bring spiritual wholeness into our broken communities and nations. There is no short cut. Learn More
  • Explaining Blessings and Curses

    Derek Prince
    Derek Prince teaches what the Bible says about blessings and curses. Identifying different types of curses in the Bible and recognises how they can play a very real role in our lives today. Prince also explains how to break curses through Jesus Christ and provides practical, hands-on applications for your life. Learn More
  • Explaining Prayer

    Joyce Huggett
    Looking at the prayers of Jesus in the gospels, Joyce converts these prayers into a practical application for our lives. Learn More
  • Forgiveness - God's Master Key

    Pray the Most Powerful Prayer on Earth!
    Peter Horrobin
    Forgiveness is key to the restoration of our relationship with God and to healing from the consequences of hurtful, damaging human relationships. From the Cross, Jesus prayed these dramatic words to God, ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.’ Learning to pray this powerful prayer is the beginning of a lifetime’s adventure with God! This book is one of the most outstanding and concise available on the subject of forgiveness.

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  • Intercession & Healing

    Breaking Through with God
    Fiona Horrobin
    After decades of ministering to the needs of the hurting, ranging from severe mental health issues to physical healing, Fiona has learnt powerful principles of intercession and healing. In this essential book, she conveys her passion that the healing ministry is an integral part of Christian growth and shares a wealth of practical, hard-won experience.
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  • Listening with Understanding

    Discerning God's Voice
    Clifford Hill
    This book helps us recognise the voice of God, confidently knowing the mind of Christ and interpreting correctly his voice, so that we can apply what we receive into decisive actions of faith Learn More
  • Moving Mountains

    Lessons in Bold Faith from Great Evangelical Leaders
    Paul L. King
    Moving Mountains relays the key life messages of twelve giants of faith. Men and women who prayed and witnessed miracles. Their stories teach us to pray in faith. Includes small group questions. Learn More
  • Reclaiming the Ground

    The Biblical Basis and Practice of Breaking Curses on Land and Cleansing Buildings from Evil Spirits
    Ken Hepworth
    Fully backed up by scripture and using examples of how land and buildings can become defiled and cursed this book is a powerful tool in teaching us to reclaim the ground from the enemy in individuals, churches and organizations. Learn More
  • Standing in the Gap

    Understanding Intercession
    Johannes Facius
    This book on intercession is different, it clearly explains what it means to be a true intercessor and how to go about using the gift. If what the author says is put into practice, the difference will be seen not just in the church, but throughout the world. Learn More
  • The Fasting Key

    How You Can Unlock Doors to Spiritual Blessing
    Mark Nysewander
    When the author began to study the subject of fasting some years ago he was shocked by the number of biblical references he found referring to it... Learn More

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