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  • Husbands and Fathers

    Rediscover the Creator's Purpose for Men
    Derek Prince
    A ‘must read’ for anyone concerned to see the family being strengthened in our society today. It is written to show the reader, in simple and practical terms, what it takes to be a successful husband and a successful father. Learn More
  • Master Builders

    Developing Life and Leadership in the Body of Christ Today
    Bob Gordon

    Master Builders is an important resource book written especially for leaders and designed to encourage maturity and effectiveness within Christian leadership.

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  • No More Spectators

    8 Life-Changing Values of Disciple Makers
    Mark Nysewander
    4 Review(s)
    Exploring eight keys for discipleship makers, Mark Nysewander has grasped the very heart of Jesus’ ministry and summarised it for us in the pages of this book. Learn More
  • The Church in the New Testament

    Kevin Conner
    5 Review(s)
    This book is a textbook designed to bring a clearer, richer and fuller understanding of the New Testament Church, both universally and locally. It brings clarity on many areas from Church Discipline and Stewardship to the Purpose of the Church existence. Learn More
  • Understanding Leadership

    Tom Marshall
    3 Review(s)
    This is a classic book on the subject of leadership - not only within the Church, but in every day Christian life and workplace. Learn More
  • What's wrong with human rights?

    David Cross
    Investigating whether the concept of universal human rights is in agreement with the Bible, the author explores the origins of the human rights ideology. This well researched book explains why the concept of human rights is a man-made religion, which, though useful for giving a voice to those who are truly oppressed, does not give lasting solutions. A very helpful resource to better understand what human rights really are all about. Expected in stock September 2018. Learn More

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