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Forgive Release and be Free

Joff Day

ISBN: 9781852405311 [128 pages]
Many Christians live with unforgiveness in their heart, sometimes unknowingly. Perhaps they realise that "something" is wrong, but don't know exactly how to deal with it.
Other Christians wonder why they never seem to get the breakthrough in God they are looking for; they feel they have tried everything and nothing works. They may feel that they have forgiven others for any wrongdoing or offence caused to them, but have often not gone on to "release" that person's debt to them.
This book helps readers to recognise unforgiveness and gives practical steps to help you forgive, release and be free!

Contents: Introduction; Chapter 1 A Wounded Heart; Chapter 2 Roots, Fruit, Seed and Soil; Chapter 3 Debts and Debtors; Chapter 4 The Unforgiving Servant; Chapter 5 The Soil of Insecurity; Chapter 6 The Seed of Offence; Chapter 7 The Manure of Judgement; Chapter 8 The Root of Bitterness; Chapter 9 The Fruit of Resentment; Chapter 10 The Torture Chamber; Chapter 11 Opening the Books; Chapter 12 Settling Accounts; Chapter 13 Staying Free; Chapter 14 Forgiveness Brings Healing; Chapter 15 Questions I Am Asked Frequently; Chapter 16 Forgiveness Works.

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About The Author

About The Author

The main focus of Joff Day's Ministry is setting captives free. He travels internationally and has equipped many to bring freedom and healing to those trapped by unforgiveness. He is happily married to Elaine and has four grown-up children.

Book Review

Book Review

“The Body of Christ across the globe desperately needs this message. This book is the kind of spiritual dynamite that blows a hole in the deception of unreality that so easily lingers in our hearts.”
George Verwer, Operation Mobilisation
“The author’s perspective on forgiveness is the first biblically sound approach I have read that addresses the emotional dimension of forgiving. Through this book we have seen many released who have been in bondage to bitterness for years.”
David & Joyce Ames, Mission to Marriage

Readers Comments

A totally awesome book that every Christian should read.Review by Cindy Dunlaveyon
This is the BEST book I have read on the very important subject of forgiveness. Every pastor should have this book in their personal library. It is that good a read and that fundamental for living the victorious Christian life in Christ Jesus. (Posted on 29/09/2016)
Probably the most practical book on forgiveness ever writteReview by A customeron
Joff Day uses the words forgive and release to convey one Biblical concept - forgiveness. Jesus taught clearly that to forgive is also to release.

Sadly, there are many people who do not under stand this. Some have been taught by well meaning people that even though they may have forgiven someone for an issue, if they are still hurting over the issue, they will have to forgive them again and again (for the same issue) until the hurt finally disappears.

He shows that if Jesus' teaching on forgiveness was to be understood correctly, they would see that they had not forgiven 'from their heart' in the first place. They may have made a mental decision to 'forgive', but their heart had not 'released' the offender from the debt. That is why they still hurt concerning the issue.

There is much hurt and mistrust even in the Church today. Some of it lingers on because the principles of forgiveness have not been fully understood. This book seeks to explain forgiveness, not create a 'forgiveness plus ...' gospel. For many people I have spoken to, understanding forgiveness as 'forgiving and releasing', has helped them resolve many unresolved hurts from their past, and come into a new freedom. It has also helped them make a commitment for the future to forgive as Jesus taught, whatever circumstances come their way.

If you have ever had cause to forgive anyone or think you may need to now or in the future, then this book is for you! (Posted on 29/09/2016)
Great bookReview by C. Martinon
bought it because i'd already read it and thought everyone i know needs to read it too (Posted on 29/09/2016)
This would be valuable on every church's bookshelReview by ED Nicholson
This would be valuable on every church's bookshelf'. It challenges us to look honestly at our own ideas and experiences of forgiveness. Perhaps we have said the words but still feel we are owed. When we release ourselves and others from that debt then, and only then will we be free. (Posted on 29/09/2016)
Life Changing Book.Review by steveolney
I was recommended this book by a counsellor I was seeing and helped me to realise that forgiveness is an action and not passive "sucking up pain" as I had done before. 10 years after buying I still use what I learned from this invaluable book. (Posted on 29/09/2016)
It really works!Review by ronstringer
This is a book that really can change lives. The simple premise that there is more to forgiveness than just forgiving - that we need to 'release' the debt we are owed, knowing that it can never be repaid has incredible power. You'll need to buy at least two copies - you are bound to want to share it with others! (Posted on 29/09/2016)
Everyone should read this bookReview by AngelBourne
I am so glad to see this book back in print. It is the only biblically sound book I know that really explains how to let go of unforgiveness and why we all need to.

I have given all my previous copies away and I had been scouring the web for months trying to find this book re-read myself and to give some copies to some friends overseas that wanted it. If I had to choose just one book to have (besides the bible) ...this would be it.
Buy it. (Posted on 29/09/2016)

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