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Faith That Endures

The Essential guide to the persecuted church

Ronald Boyd-Macmillan

ISBN: 9781852404499 [368 pages]

Faith that endures stands as the most comprehensive and authoritative guide on the persecuted Church today. Ron Boyd-MacMillan, the author, part researcher and part journalist, helps to answer these questions in a dramatic and challenging way.

  • What does contemporary persecution look like?

  • What is a persecuted Christian?

  • Where is the persecuted church?

  • How can we best assist the persecuted church?

  • What does the persecuted church have to teach me?

Through true stories from the author’s many years of work, you will see how God is building His kingdom all around the world. And as you become more connected to the experiences of the persecuted, you will discover new spiritual truths that will transform your own faith and witness.

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About The Author

About The Author

Ronald Boyd-MacMillan is Writer-At-Large for Open Doors International. He holds a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Practical Theology from the University of Aberdeen.He has been Asia Correspondent for News Network International 1987-1991)and Asia Bureau Chief for Compass Direct (1996-2002).

Readers Comments

excellent bookReview by M. F. Buckland
As a representative for Christian Solidarity Worldwide, I find that this is the only book which covers the whole subject of the persecuted church, and it manages to do so in a highly readable manner. Boyd-MacMillan writes from first hand experience of the church in every continent of the world in an engaging, readable manner that is as informative about the dynamics of modern world politics as it is about the costly nature of Christian witness on the front line. It explains what persecution means and what it does not, its place in history and in our world today.

Right from the first chapter, which offers a surprising new perspective on the place of Mao Tse Tung in history, I found this to be an excellent book which was hard to put down. (Posted on 29/09/2016)
Are you prepared to be challenged?Review by Passionate Pete
If you are serious about your Christian faith and you are open to being challenged then I heartily recommend this book. It will change your attitude and understanding towards the persecuted church. In the West, most of us are too comfortable in our faith. After the Bible, this is probably the best Christian book I have read. (Posted on 29/09/2016)

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