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Dynamic Prayer

David Noakes

ISBN: 9781852406257 [80 pages]

A time comes in every believer’s life when the journey to spiritual maturity must take place. At the centre of this process is the ongoing act of not just prayer in our daily lives, but intercessory prayer. The world is sick, both spiritually and morally; false idols abound. There is a desperate need for Christians to learn, through holiness and repentance, how to align their prayers with the will of God to bring spiritual wholeness into our broken communities and nations. There is no short cut.

David Noakes provides a depth of understanding on the differences between prayer and intercession that has given him a strong reputation as a teacher on the subject. He explains the spiritual tools we have access to in our prayer life and how to use them. Written with conciseness and brilliant illumination of Scripture, this book will become a precious reference as our lives are impacted with a fresh vision of what it means to truly walk in the Spirit of God.

Part of the NEW "Issachar Series", Issachar Ministries is named after the tribe of Issachar who in the time of King David was renowned for having men of prayer who “understood the times and knew what Israel should do” (1 Chronicles 12.32). The objective of the Ministry is to seek understanding, from a Biblical perspective, of current events both in Britain and on the international scene and equip believers to meet the challenges.

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About The Author

About The Author

David Noakes read Law at Pembroke College, Oxford, and practised as a solicitor until called into full-time ministry in 1975. From 1985 until 1991 he served in ministry with Clifford Hill, becoming leader of the PWM ministry team and subsequently a Trustee of Prophetic Word Ministries. He was for a number of years a visiting teacher for Ellel Ministries; and he is a member of Love Never Fails, a group of ministries working together to express love and support and to uphold Biblical truth concerning the Jewish nation. David is also an Advisory Board member of the European Coalition for Israel, which works in the European Parliament to support the nation of Israel.

For many years he was a member and Elder of Marlow Christian Fellowship, but David is now based in South Dorset and commits his time to an itinerant teaching ministry, which has as its chief emphases God’s purposes for the nation of Israel, together with the need for preparation of the Church for the days to come. He is a Trustee and was until recently Chairman of the Board of Hatikvah Film Trust, a ministry which produces film documentaries designed to make known Biblical truth concerning the Jewish people and the Land of Israel.

David is the author of “The Biblical Basis of Intercession”; a co-author of “Blessing the Church?”, a study of the development of the Charismatic Renewal movement; and also a co-author of a book “Israel, His People, His Land, his Story” published by the Love Never Fails group of ministries which is a Biblically-based refutation of the false teachings of Replacement Theology. He has been married for 44 years to Valerie, and they have three adult married children.

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