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  • But don't all religions lead to God?

    Michael Green
    This great easy-to-read book is an essential guide to the differences between Christianity and other faiths. Dr Michael Green guides the reader through the increasingly disorientating ‘religious’ maze which people have to face in today’s world. Read about the truth that only Christ can lead us to the One True God. Learn More
  • Dynamic Prayer

    David Noakes
    A time comes in every believer’s life when the journey to spiritual maturity must take place. At the centre of this process is the ongoing act of not just prayer in our daily lives, but intercessory prayer. The world is sick, both spiritually and morally; false idols abound. There is a desperate need for Christians to learn, through holiness and repentance, how to align their prayers with the will of God to bring spiritual wholeness into our broken communities and nations. There is no short cut. Learn More
  • Explaining the Cross

    Bob Gordon

    In this book, Bob Gordon teaches what the Bible says about the cross. He explains what happened to Jesus on the cross and what it signified. 

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  • Faith That Endures

    The Essential guide to the persecuted church
    Ronald Boyd-Macmillan

    Faith that endures stands as the most comprehensive and authoritative guide on the persecuted Church today. Through true stories from the author’s many years of work, you will see how God is building His kingdom all around the world. And as you become more connected to the experiences of the persecuted, you will discover new spiritual truths that will transform your own faith and witness.

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  • Islam, Israel and the Church

    Marcel Rebiai
    How can opposing claims by Muslims, Jews and Christians to ‘the land’ be reconciled? This book sensitively and intelligently answers many of the questions Christians ask. Learn More
  • The Choice

    Serving Heaven or Serving Hell
    Andy Robinson
    This story traces the series of disastrous decisions Andy made that almost destroyed his life. It also reveals the extraordinary love of God to rescue those who are utterly lost. If your life seems out of control, this book offers you the same hope that transformed Andy’s life. Please click the icon below to preview this book.

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  • Transformed! People - Cities - Nations

    Alistair Petrie
    If you want to see enduring transformation that spreads throughout your church, community and nation, this enlightening and engaging book will give you the tools you need. Learn More

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