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  • Living the Life DVD Study Guide Bulk Package (5)

    Peter Horrobin
    Living the life Study Guide, Bulk package 5 copies for £8. The DVD series, together with this study guide and the paperback book 'Living Life - God's Way by Peter Horrobin, is a brilliant resource that will stimulate personal growth and is ideal for small group use in the local church Learn More
  • Loved Like Never Before

    Discovering the Father Heart of God
    Ken Symington
    13 Review(s)

    It is easy to know God’s love in the mind, but for many it is difficult to believe it in the heart. This book is for those who want to feel the real love of God but can't.

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  • Manifest Presence

    Expecting a Visitation of God's Grace Through Worship
    Jack W. Hayford
    1 Review(s)
    Through this fascinating and anointed study of God’s Word, you will learn to approach God’s throne, the fountainhead of power, with praise that welcomes His creative touch Learn More
  • Master Builders

    Developing Life and Leadership in the Body of Christ Today
    Bob Gordon

    Master Builders is an important resource book written especially for leaders and designed to encourage maturity and effectiveness within Christian leadership.

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  • Moving Mountains

    Lessons in Bold Faith from Great Evangelical Leaders
    Paul L. King
    4 Review(s)
    Moving Mountains relays the key life messages of twelve giants of faith. Men and women who prayed and witnessed miracles. Their stories teach us to pray in faith. Includes small group questions. Learn More
  • No More Spectators

    8 Life-Changing Values of Disciple Makers
    Mark Nysewander
    5 Review(s)

    Exploring eight keys for discipleship makers, Mark Nysewander has grasped the very heart of Jesus’ ministry and summarised it for us in the pages of this book.

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  • Pills for the Soul?

    How Medication Falls Short of Christ’s Healing of the Emotions
    PH.D. Dieter K. Mulitze
    6 Review(s)
    Are pills and medication really God’s best for dealing with our emotional state? Should we simply accept the world’s wisdom that our emotions are controlled by chemicals in our brain and body? This compelling and unbiased read doesn't condemn those who use psychiatric medicines, yet gracefully informs the reader of the abundant freedom found in Christ from broken emotions.

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  • Rescue from Rejection

    Finding Security in God's Loving Acceptance
    Denise Cross
    6 Review(s)

    Denise Cross gets to the roots of why we feel rejected and how we can overcome the power it often has, sometimes unwittingly, over our lives. Use this book to walk a path of self-acceptance and breathe new life into your relationship with others and with God!

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  • Right Relationships

    How to Create Them, How to Restore Them
    Tom Marshall
    8 Review(s)
    This book not only addresses the nature of relationships and the factors which make them work but also provides dynamic and well tried solutions for those that have gone wrong. Learn More
  • Seeds of the Kingdom

    3 Review(s)
    These 365 devotional readings aim to help you on your daily journey of spiritual growth. Each 'seed' has a Scripture and a prayer to reflect upon, to encourage every seed to "fall on good soil". Learn More

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