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  • The God-Life by Jim Graham

  • Anger: How Do You Handle It?

    Paul & Liz Griffin
    4 Review(s)
    This very practical handbook will help you to recognise and understand your emotions and how you can deal with the accumulation of anger from past events. As you apply the principles, you will find God healing you on the inside so that unresolved anger is no longer a problem. Learn More
  • Dangers of Alternative Ways to Healing

    How to avoid New Age deceptions
    John & Cross David Berry
    3 Review(s)
    Many forms of alternative therapies are available today and this book provides fascinating coverage of what they are with clear guidelines on how spiritually safe or unsafe they might be. Learn More
  • Explaining Baptism with the Holy Spirit

    Jack W. Hayford

    In this book, Jack Hayford teaches what the Bible says about baptism with the Holy Spirit. Many Christians are unaware that the baptism in the Holy Spirit is available for all believers in Christ. Hayford explains...

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  • God's Covering - A Place of Healing

    David Cross
    7 Review(s)
    Understanding God’s covering is an important step to discovering His healing power and knowing how to pray into other people’s lives. Without that covering we cannot truly be at peace. This book will bring to you the principles of God’s protective covering and the precious truth of His covenant plan for the ‘re-covering’ of damaged lives. Learn More
  • Healing Through Deliverance

    The Foundation and Practice of Deliverance Ministry
    Peter Horrobin
    22 Review(s)
    Peter Horrobin has more than twenty years experience teaching about healing and ministering to those in need. In this comprehensive, practical and groundbreaking volume, he draws on this experience to set out a thorough scriptural foundation for the healing and deliverance ministry - an integral part of fulfilling the Great Commission and a vital key to discipleship.
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  • Hope and Healing for the Abused

    Paul & Liz Griffin
    2 Review(s)
    If you have been affected by abuse of any kind, this helpful book will allow you to understand patterns of your behaviour and will put you on a road to recovery and healing, helping you to overcome these barriers in your life. Learn More
  • Intercession & Healing

    Breaking Through with God
    Fiona Horrobin
    2 Review(s)
    After decades of ministering to the needs of the hurting, ranging from severe mental health issues to physical healing, Fiona has learnt powerful principles of intercession and healing. In this essential book, she conveys her passion that the healing ministry is an integral part of Christian growth and shares a wealth of practical, hard-won experience. Learn More
  • No More Spectators

    8 Life-Changing Values of Disciple Makers
    Mark Nysewander
    4 Review(s)
    This excellent book is written out of a desire to see renewal in Christ’s Church, particularly in the West. The author skillfully pinpoints the disease of ‘spectator Christianity’. Learn More
  • Rescue from Rejection

    Finding Security in God's Loving Acceptance
    Denise Cross
    6 Review(s)
    Denise helps the reader to understand how our self-identity can be distorted through experiences of rejection. Use this book to walk a path of self-acceptance and breathe new life into your relationship with others and with God!
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  • Soul Ties

    The Unseen Bond in Relationships
    David Cross
    12 Review(s)
    When we realize that relationships are more than just a physical meeting of two people, we begin to understand that some of our relationships might have affected our lives in a negative way. This book illustrates how both godly and ungodly soul ties are created and how they can affect us, often profoundly, in our everyday lives. As you read this book you will discover how to find release from ungodly soul-ties and most importantly experience God's freedom and healing. Learn More